The Nervous System
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→ Nov 2011
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→ Nov 2011 This is a digram of the Brain. 
→ Nov 2011 this is a picture of the nervous tissue found in the peripheral nervous system. 
→ Nov 2011 this is a picture of a neuron.
→ Nov 2011
Anonymous: Is the Nervous System a simple system, or is it very complicated?

The nervous system is the most complicated system in the entire body. It is known as the control center for your body.It is made up of billions of cells, nervous tissue, the brain and the spinal cord.

→ Nov 2011 this is a drawing of the brain. As you can see, the cerebellum is located at the back of the brain. 
→ Nov 2011
Anonymous: Hey! Great blog! do you know about how many neurons are in the Nervous System?

Hello, thank you. There is so exact number for the amount of neurons, but there are billions of neurons in the nervous system. Although, there are more neurons in the human brain than there are stars in the milky way.

→ Nov 2011 This is a diagram of the parts of a glial cell.
→ Nov 2011
Anonymous: hello, i have a question, what sites do you recommend for information on the nervous system?

Hello. Our Bibliography has some wonderful sites to get information off of. Those are the websites where we got our information on the nervous system! 

→ Nov 2011
Anonymous: when i use my senses, like my sight, touch, smell and hearing, is that my nervous system working?

Yes it is! when you touch a burning hot stove, and know to pull your hand away, that’s the sensory neurons at work. The sensory neurons take and gather signals and information from your skin, eyes, ears, nose an mouth, then send those signals to the brain to tell you what you’re feeling. For more information check out our ‘Functions’ page, or our ‘Cells’ page! thank you for asking, and i hope this helped you!

→ Nov 2011 This is a diagram showing the bones surrounding the spinal cord. The nervous system works very closely with the skeletal system.
→ Nov 2011 this is a very simple diagram of the spinal cord. You can see the brain at the top, and the vertebra surrounding the spinal cord that is going down the middle of the picture. 
→ Nov 2011 An example of Nervous tissue. 
→ Nov 2011
Anonymous: Lovely blog. Do you have any information on any types of diseases that may affect the Nervous System?

Oh thank you! That is much appreciated. There are a few diseases that could occur such as Multiple Sclerosis, Cerebral Palsy and Parkinson’s Disease. For more information you can check out our Diseases page.

→ Nov 2011
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